Tie-Dye Bucket Hats Multiple Colors

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Today, Bucket Hats have been incorporated in the spring/summer collection of designers around the world, using multiple styles, colors, and materials for women and men.

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Tie-Dye Bucket Hats are handmade with cotton. There are no two exactly alike, so enjoy them for its own uniqueness.

Sizes and Measures (Around the head):

Kids:       21.65 in

Adults:   23.62 in

Tie-Dye Bucket Hats available in Red, Royal, Orange, Blue Ocean, Baby Blue, Purple, Gold, Rainbow, Black, Lime, and Pink. View all


The Bucket hats appeared in Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century. The Irish fisherman adopted this invention for protection against the rain, thanks to its wide downward-slanting brim. Another appealing advantage was the fact that they could fold it to carry it in the pocket.

Consequently, by the middle of the 20th century, these were very helpful to protect the necks of the troops in the Second World War and Vietnam War.

In the 1960s the bucket hat entered the fashion world; then in the 1980s, the hip hop community fell in love with them. So, the first rapper wearing bucket hats was Big Bank Hank of Sugar, in the performance of “Rappers Delight” in 1979. He encouraged others to make it part of their style.


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Baby Blue, Black, Blue Ocean, Gold, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Rainbow, red, Royal


Adults, Kids


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