Category: Tie Dye Stadium Blankets

Tie dye stadium blankets is a personal size throw blanket. These are made of 80/20 Fleece 8.5 oz Cotton Poly, as a result, it features a luxurious warmth and an amazingly soft fleece that is very durable. For instance, it is perfect to curl up with a book or to snuggle on the couch at home. Also, you can keep one in your vehicle for emergencies or take to outside events. Tie dye stadium blankets are very handy for trips, camping or to use in your patio. Easy machine wash and dry.

Measures are 50”x60”.

You will find them in a variety of colors such as:

Eternity: Pastel rainbow colors; Reactive Rainbow: A darker version of the rainbow; Freedom: USA Flag colors Red, White in a swirl pattern; Blue Ocean: A swirl formed with the colors of the ocean, intense and light blue; Spiral Yellow and Lime: A fun and vibrant combination. For those more conservative we carry Spiral Pink, made out of a darker and light pink; Spiral Blue made out of a darker and light Blue, or Spiral Purple: An spiral made out of a darker and light purple; last but not less we have a Cloud pattern, Pink or Blue.