• Category: Acid Wash

        Acid wash t-shirts fabric is a blend of 60% soft spun cotton and 40% polyester. These receive a treatment with an agent to age the garment to the point that your skin will be exposed in some spots.

        Bring back your favorite worn-out t-shirts to your closet. Recreate them with Acid wash t-shirts, which are soft and comfortable and will also give you a new vintage look.

        The loose fitting style makes these comfortable for women and men. For instance, Acid Wash T-Shirts Olive are the ideal choice to travel, work, exercise, relax at home, or to do any activity during the day.

        These are available from adult small to 3XL in eleven colors:

        Artic Gray, Burgundy, Denim, Olive, pacific Blue, Ruby, Russian Blue, Rusty Red, Sky, Blue, Summer Green, Twilight Black.


        “T”-Shirts received the name from the outline that forms with the sleeves and body when laying. These are present in our lives for around 120 years, and started as underwear; then by the 1930s, it was the favorite garment for the farmers and ranch workers. By the 1950s it became a fashion garment when Marlon Brandon wore it in the movie “A Streetcar Named Desire”. After that the boys started using it as casual clothing to practice sports, or to do any activity in general. In the 1960s these were the most suitable way to express yourself to do advertisement, to share thoughts, or to protest.