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        For our tie dye bucket hats, we use 100% cotton. Since these are handmade, there are not two exactly alike. Enjoy each for its own uniqueness.


        The Bucket hats appeared in Ireland at the beginning of the 20th century. Irish fishermen adopted this invention to cover themselves from the rain by taking advantage of its wide down ward-slanting brim. The hats are so practical that they can be folded to be carried in your pocket.

        By the mid-20th century, they began to be used by soldiers during the Second World War and the Vietnam War.

        In the 1960s, the bucket hat entered the fashion world. Then, in the 1980s, the hip-hop community fell in love with them. The first rapper to wear bucket hats was Big Bank Hank of Sugar during the “Rappers Delight” performance in 1979. He then encouraged others to make the hats part of their style.

        Today, Bucket Hats have been incorporated in the spring and summer collection of well-known designers around the world, who have employed multiple styles, colors and materials.

        Tie dye bucket hats are available in Baby Blue (Light Blue), Pink, Red, Lime, Purple, Black, Blue Ocean, Reactive Rainbow, Royal, Gold and Orange.

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