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        Tie Dye Tank Tops unisex or sleeveless shirts usually go under the shirt as an athletic garment or in places with warm and humid weather to absorb sweat.

        They are very popular among women and men. The neck and armholes have reinforced seam. Likewise, these are easy to put it on and off; last but not less, it conceals the breast completely.

        It is the most comfortable, lightweight, and trendy clothing piece. The loose-fitting style makes tank tops a versatile garment ideal for the beach, the gym or a casual look.

        Tie dye has been available since the 1960s in the US and around the world. It came to represent a way to reject the regular fashion standards established in society. Moreover, it is a symbol of connection with the universe through its spectrum of colors.

        Tie Dye History:

        If you think that tie dye started during the 1960s, you would be mistaken; the process received the name of “Tie Dye” in 1909. It started as “resist dyeing” due to the efforts to prevent the dye from reaching all the fabric, thereby creating a pattern. There are many techniques and dyes to get different results. Using wax: the cloth receives a treatment with wax or some form of paste before dyeing it; mechanical: by tying, stitching, or clamping the fabric, using clothespins or rubber bands, for example, tie dye tank tops; chemical: treatment using dyes that react with the fabric.

        What we know today as tie dye started as “Resist dyeing” in ancient times, in Eurasia and Africa. The first discoveries of wax dyeing were from Egypt in the fourth century. It was used for mummy wrappings and the dye was a mixture of blood and ashes.

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