Category: Tie Dye Bandanas

For our tie dye bandanas, we use 100% cotton. The measures are 20×20 inches.


It is a type of handkerchief that originated in India. The word comes from the Hindi words “bā̃dhnū“, meaning tie dyeing. Also, it is a fashionable and, at the same time, a practical accessory for the neck and head to hold the hair back. Throughout history, these were not only an insignia for pirates, but a must have piece to keep the sweat away from the brows and the eyes. Bandanas are very useful for farmers and rail road engineers, and others, to protect the head, neck and face, specially the nose, from dusk and dirt. Furthermore, this is the perfect choice to give color and style to your attire.

Although men made the bandanas popular, women started to wear them as well.

This accessory have different meanings. For example, in the military they represent ranks. Aviators wear them to protect the head from the weather. In some Eastern European countries, white bandanas are symbols that represent a married women. In the 1950s, they started to be used in political campaigns to carry the image of the candidates.

In the 20th century, bandanas reached a new level of fame when film stars began wearing them as an iconic piece of clothing in cowboy movies. Country music, rock & roll, hip-hop stars well-known singers such as Elton John have used bandanas.

Tie dye bandanas are not only a fashion statement but a versatile piece of clothing that will stay with us.