• Category: Vintage Mineral Wash L/S Shirts

        Vintage Mineral Wash L/S Shirts are 5.3 oz 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

        These offer a versatile garment; it will make you look more formal than wearing a short sleeve tee. It protects your arms from the sun, and give you more coverage from the cold win in autumn or winter.

        The Mineral Wash is a process where the fabric is partially sprayed with bleach then washed to remove the bleach and some of the dye that had contact with the chemical. As a result, the treatment makes the garment soft to the touch.

        The name Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a colloquial term since these do not have the “T” form; however, the long sleeve version of the t-shirts is ideal to wear in the winter, or any kind of cold weather to do any activity with comfort and style.

        Vintage Mineral Wash L/S Shirts are available from adult small to 3XL, in Black, Gray, and Navy.