Moondance Tie-Dye Long Sleeve Shirts Adult

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The name Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a colloquial term since these do not have the “T” form; however, the long sleeve version of the t-shirts is ideal to wear in the winter, or cold weather, to do any activity, with comfort and style.


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For our Moondance Tie-Dye Long Sleeve Shirts, we use only Gildan with Colortone’s label, indeed, this is the largest tie-dye company in the US. The design appears in the front and back of the shirt. These are hand-tied to allow just the right amount of dye to penetrate part of the fabric, therefore, obtaining the desired pattern with different colors.  Also, we guarantee a high-quality item without bleed and minimum fading.

The loose-fitting style makes these comfortable for women and men. For instance, these are the ideal choice to travel, work, exercise, relax at home. Perfect as staff uniform, for school or sports teams and special events. View all colors and styles.

  • Long Sleeve Shirts
  • Size available are S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
  • 100%  Pre-shrunk Cotton 5.3 Oz
  • Unisex, women, men
  • Double White Needle Stitch
  • No pockets


Hippie tie-dye is present since the ’60s in the US and around the world, as a way to reject the regular fashion established in society, and a symbol of connection with the universe through its spectrum of colors.

If you think that tie-dye started in the 1960s, you are wrong; the process received the name of “Tie Dye” in 1909. It started as “Resist Dyeing” due to the resistance to prevent the dye from reaching all the fabric, thereby creating a pattern. There are many techniques, and dyes to get different results. Using wax: the cloth receives treatment with wax or some form of paste before dyeing it; mechanical: by tieing, stitching, or clamping using clothespegs or rubber bands, being the case of Blue Ocean Tie Dye Long Sleeve shirts;  chemical: treatment using dyes that react with the fabric, or not by blocking it with other chemical agents.

Resist dyeing started in Eurasia and Africa since ancient times. The first discoveries of wax dyeing were from Egypt in the fourth century, for mummy wrappings, and the dye was a mixture of blood and ashes.


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