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Long Sleeve shirts include four collections: Tie Dye, Vintage Mineral Wash, Collegiate,  and Raglan. For tie dye and vintage we use 5.3 oz pre-shrunk, heavyweight cotton. On the other hand,  Raglan t-shirts are a 50/50 blend ringspun 4.1 oz.

These offer a versatile garment; it will make you look more formal than wearing a short sleeve tee. It protects your arms from the sun, and give you more coverage from the cold win in autumn or winter.

The name Long Sleeve T-Shirt is a colloquial term since these do not have the “T” form; however, the long sleeve version of the t-shirts is ideal to wear in the winter, or any kind of cold weather to do any activity with comfort and style.


Tie dye relates to the word hippie to describe an unconventional person; non attached to material things; a free spirit whose main goals in life are the desires for happiness, wellbeing, love and peace.

One of the most important aspects of their lifestyle is the preservation of natural resources and the care for animals, which is why they adopt vegetarian diets that did not process food. The use of holistic medicine is also very common among them.

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