Tie Dye Bandanas 100% Cotton

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You are not only buying a bandana, but you also have a scarf, halter top, hair tie, a cover to sit or lay your head, an ice pack, a shade for a lamp, a trail marker, a glasses case, a water filter, a sling in case of injury…the list goes on and on with 100 more uses at home, as a fashion accessory, survival resource, or helpful item in a trip.

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Tie Dye Bandanas specifics:

  • 21″ x 21″
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Hemmed stitched edge finish


Tie Dye Bandanas is a type of handkerchief originated from India. The word comes from the Hindi words “bā̃dhnū“ that means tie-dyeing. It is fashionable and at the same time a practical accessory to hold the hair back. Through history, bandanas were not only an insignia for pirates, but a must-have piece to wipe the sweat off the brows and eyes. It is very useful for farmers and railroad engineers among others to protect the head, neck, face especially the nose from dusk and dirt. Last but not less, it is the perfect choice to give color and style to your attire.

Men made them very popular; however, women started wearing them as well.

Bandanas have different meanings; for example: In the military community it signifies ranks; aviators wear them to protect the head from weather. In some Eastern European countries, white bandanas are an indication of married women. By the 1950s the political campaigns used them as posters to print the image of the candidates. Ladies used to tie the hair to keep it in place when they were outside and the wind was blowing.

In the 20th century, bandanas reached a famous level as film stars wore them as an iconic piece of clothing in cowboys movies. Country music, rock & roll, hip hop stars and singers such as Elton John dressed them.

On the other hand, it is unfortunate that bandanas have served for gangs as a way to differentiate themselves from others. Each gang picked their own color or design.

In spite of that, bandanas are not only a fashion statement but a versatile piece of clothing that will stay with us; these have evolved from the square to other shapes like triangles, or the custom tube which is the favorite for bikers.

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