Eternity Tie-Dye One Piece Youth and Adult

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Wear it to stay warm during winter, inside or outside the home; it can be used as a leisurewear garment on weekends or on vacation.





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Eternity Tie-Dye One Piece are the perfect choice to relax and stay warm in the cold winters in or out of the home; also, as a leisurewear garment to wear on weekends or on vacation.

You will feel and look good for sleep time wearing Ocean Eternity Tie-Dye One Piece as a fleece pajama; it will cover your whole body, but at the same time, allows free movement due to its loose-fitting style.

Available in multiple colors such as Reactive, Pastel, Blue Ocean, Pink, and Royal. For our tie-dye adult onesies, we use 80/20 Cotton/Polyester fleece.


Hoodie Jumpsuit, bodysuit, pajama, or onesie, with drawstrings

Frontal pockets

One side pocket with zipper

80/20 Fleece cotton/poly 8.5 oz

Drawstrings to adjust the hoodie


Hippie tie-dye has been available since the 1960s in the US and around the world. It came to represent a way to reject the usual fashion standards established in society. Moreover, it is a symbol of connection with the universe through its spectrum of colors.

If you think that tie-dye started during the 1960s, you would be mistaken; the process received the name of “Tie Dye” in 1909. It started as “resist dying” due to the efforts to prevent the dye from reaching all the fabric, thereby creating a pattern.

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