Collegiate Tank Tops

Collegiate tank tops will pamper your body with Ring-spun cotton. It is smoother than regular cotton. Ring Spun cotton tank tops have superior quality, are more durable, last longer and offer maximum comfort.

The process to produce ringspun cotton involves a continuous spinning and twisting of fibers to make the cotton filaments thin. This results in stronger fibers, without a rough texture.

Enjoy not only their great feeling but also the stylish look of ring-spun cotton. They are available in a variety of bright colors to match your outfit.

They are very popular among women and men. The neck and armholes have reinforced seam. Likewise, these are easy to put it on and off; last but not less, it conceals the breast completely.

Collegiate tank tops are the most comfortable, lightweight, and trendy clothing piece. The loose-fitting style makes tank tops a versatile garment ideal for the beach, the gym or a casual look.

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